Your gentle guidance has made him more confident about his ability to impress the colleges he wants to attend.  I believe he is ready to wow them on the interview!  Thanks for everything!   – Sue

I really appreciate all that you both have done in preparing me for college admissions. The mock interview and feedback helped me to be confident and concise in my interview and the essay editing and subject advice was really amazing.  I could not have persevered without your help.  Thanks!   – Andrew

I decided to attend my reach school as a business fellow.  Thank you so much for all the help.  I will let you know if I need any advice in the future.  – Jake

I was accepted ED and I am going to matriculate there this Fall. Thank you for meeting with me and helping me with the college process.  – Jacob

Kyrie and Peggy presented excellent information and valuable tips about all aspects of the college interview process.  The students were able to apply what they learned by doing mock interviews as part of the workshop.  There is such demand for quality, college preparatory programs and Peggy and Kyrie really deliver. Combining their many years of experience with good humor, they are able to communicate the significance of setting oneself apart via the one-on-one interview. More importantly, the tips and techniques presented are valuable tools that will benefit the students beyond their college careers.”  – Lisa Itzkowitz, JCC Westchester/Scarsdale

I had the interview today, and it went great. Ended up conversing with the interviewer for over 90 minutes, and felt that I hit all my points. Thanks for all your help! – Tom

Thank you so much for this thorough, insightful, and incredibly useful assessment. You managed to “get” my daughter in such a short period of time!  I’m sure this experience will add so much to her upcoming interview and to her life as well.  Thank you so very much for taking your time to do this!!! –  Robin