My 22-year old son had several successful sessions with CIC to prepare for NYC job interviews. CIC focused on both content and presentation.  They analyzed job descriptions and concentrated on specific responsibilities that matched my son’s work experience and career goals. Together they crafted my son’s “story.”  What makes him different from other candidates?  What is his potential and why should he be hired?  On interview day, my son felt prepared and comfortable. Working with CIC was very valuable. He received offers for employment and is presently working!  Thanks again! – Kathy

I am thrilled with the level of quality and support that CIC provided me during my job search.  While changing careers, I really benefited from CIC’s ability to help me communicate translatable skills and articulate my unique value proposition.  CIC was excellent at understanding my priorities and comprehending the particular nuances of my industry in order to highlight my personal skills for specific positions.  CIC provides timely, direct, and forward-thinking feedback. Their editorial guidance improved the impact and clarity of my cover letters. I really appreciate that Kyrie and Peggy always suggested changes in a way that retained my tone and voice.  Their mock interviews enabled me to practice and hone my interview skills. I am happy to report that, thanks to CIC’s steadfast guidance and training, I have started working at my dream job.  I am so pleased with the position and am grateful to CIC for helping me achieve my goal! – Steve

CIC was a game changer. After graduating Summa Cum Laude from a top New England business school, I assumed that landing my dream job wouldn’t be a problem. However, despite my grades, passion, and years of experience with sales and public speaking, I could not sell myself. I think the most powerful insight that CIC gave me was helping me unlock my potential by focusing on my strengths, crafting stories to highlight my relevant experience, and by not sugar coating the areas that needed improvement.  CIC showed me how to learn from my past rejections and in doing so prepared me for future opportunities.  Mock interviews forced me to answer difficult questions, and created a tool kit on which I could rely to feel confident in the actual interview arena.  Additionally, I learned how to analyze job descriptions and write compelling cover letters. I would recommend CIC to people of all experiences and education levels.  I wake up on Monday mornings excited to use my skills in a job that I could not have landed without the refinement and honing offered by CIC. – Ben